Seeing as neither of us admins check this blog often enough, I’d to apologise for that. 

Also, whenever I’ve logged on Tumblr hasn’t said anything about there being any asks in the inbox, so I apologize it’s taken a while to get to them. In the future I’ll try to check the blog more and the inbox.

Also, I do have all the episodes of ygxtas so if anyone was wanting a particular episode or all of them I could upload them to dropbox maybe?

And yes, you can add these episodes to your iTunes library and put them on your Apple device if you want. They’re in mp4 format.

Anonymous asked:
where is episode 4 of ygxtas?

Ah, I just looked on youtube and it seems that’s one of the few that’s missing. Sorry about that. But if you’d like to look on the pirate bay, there should be a torrent for all the episodes.

Anonymous asked:
Since I was unable to find a torrent of the series, I decided to upload the episodes. Hope this will help keep the show accessible to everyone. It can be found on the pirate bay.


Thank you!

Earlier today X posted a preview for episode 18, featuring the new voice for Jaden. 

Note that in the video’s title, it states this clip is going to be up until February 16th, so you might want to watch it while it’s up.

We can’t wait to see the full episode when it’s released!!

chaoticblades asked:
Excuse me, you wouldn't happen to know if GX Abridged has a home elsewhere from YouTube, would you? It seems all the videos and the account they were on got hit by the Dreaded Copyright Hammer.

Sorry we missed your question! It seems tumblr isn’t telling us we’ve gotten any asks.

At the moment, I have no idea if it has a home elsewhere but I think a few fans might have reuploaded different episodes. 

I checked youtube and it looks like if you search ‘ygxtas’ you’ll be able to find a few episodes but not all of them. 

I’m hoping the episodes can be reuploaded

We’re saddened by the news of Shady’s decision to leave YGXTAS, but we wish him the very best in his music career. We know he’ll be wonderful in whatever he decides to do.

Also, best of luck to X as well for taking on the project! We can’t wait to see what new material he’ll bring to the table.